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Nicneven Erstwhile
25 November 2008 @ 12:51 pm

I am free.  I have been searching for you, but the only person I have met who seemed to recognize what I had learned of your whereabouts seems to be a madwoman.

I understand that you have found our daughter, or that she has found you. Our family can be together again, Aidail.  Whole.

I care not about anything that has occurred to change you.  I am not unchanged myself. 

If you wish to speak with me...I hope that you would wish to speak with me...I will be waiting for you in the ruins of our home.

Your husband,
Nicneven Erstwhile
21 October 2008 @ 12:40 pm
Dear Sirs,

I am not certain where you acquired these artifacts or what you are up to, but my husband died during the initial Scourge invasion of Lordaeron.  I watched him fall, and confirmed his death myself.

If you desire money, there is none to be had here.  You should be ashamed of yourselves for looting the resting places of those that have fallen.

Nicneven Erstwhile
Nicneven Erstwhile
18 September 2008 @ 09:15 am
Mrs. Aidail Cameron Dhommnail,

If you are, indeed, the above named person, please have a look at the contents of this package and reply to the return address as soon as possible.  We have been hired by a certain gentleman to locate your whereabouts, and he told us that you would recognize these items.

Dagmit Sprocketbang
Sprocketbang Investigations
We Find It, or We Blow it Up.

Inside the Package

A cheap gold ring, a dried wreath of flowers, a portrait in miniature of a child with serious grey eyes and auburn hair, and a small book of poetry.  Inside the book of poetry, tucked against a specific page, is a piece of note paper.


I am alive.  Somewhat.


Nicneven Erstwhile
02 September 2008 @ 09:07 am

I have secured lodgings for you, and will expect you within the week.  Ceara is excited to see her mother.

Bring a bit of extra gold, as I still owe Mother Rayen reparations for the chicken house that Ceara froze.  We really should consider getting her some schooling, sooner rather than later.  I know she is young for it, but she is in need of guidance I cannot provide.

I suppose this means you have not found her father?

N. E.

On the back of the letter

Cat food
Teething ring
Baby food
Fresh nappies
Nicneven Erstwhile
01 September 2008 @ 09:04 am

     Alright, I guess I'm coming home.

Nicneven Erstwhile
Dearest Daughter,

Cearae and I are managing well enough. I hope you do not mind, but I have acquired for her a pet, a little kitten. She is gentle and puts up with Cearae's man-handling with little complaint, though I have had to rescue her on occasion.

I tried to do some work about Undercity, but the tasks assigned to me where too reprehensible for completion. I refuse to help those who would use their current state as an excuse to do such unspeakable things. Perhaps I will go ahead and take Cearae and myself to the greener pastures of Mulgore. Apparently the house we have been invited to reside in has a fine nursery, and there will be plenty of people there to help care for the child when it is necessary for me to leave her. I simply hope that none of the residents take issue with her race, but I suspect perhaps that the problems may actually come from my own.
Nicneven Erstwhile
18 April 2008 @ 12:28 pm

    Ceara and I are doing quite well.  She asks about you every day, but as long as I keep her busy she seems happy enough.  She is quite a bright little girl, and learning a bit more about her environment each day.
    As I must somehow gain some means of monetary support, not for my own needs, which are few, but for Ceara's, I have looked around for employment here and there.  There is always work for a priestess, but many of the organizations near Undercity would not understand my present situation, or my continued faith in the power of the Light.

    I know, child, I know.  You roll your eyes.  You and your father had such an innate affinity for shadows, and yet were always capable of such good.  I know that you care not for religion, but it is not religion of which I speak.

    In any case, your daughter is doing well, and I have found us suitable lodgings with an old tauren woman in Mulgore who quite simply loves children and has no difficulty with having a human child under her roof.  Indeed, the tauren seem particularly charitable in their notions of other races.  I think that we can settle here easily.

Your mother
Nicneven Erstwhile
09 April 2008 @ 09:19 am
To the lovely Miss Dhommnail,
It would appear that your mother has gone underground once again. By all accounts, she seems to prefer the state, and I wonder that you would want to disturb her. However, I will begin searching for her in her usual preferred resting places. Shall I direct my findings to Farstrider Lodge, or will you be traveling again?

Seamus Rockstaff

Dear Seamus,

    As always, your assistance is appreciated. I have a very definite need to speak with my mother, if you can find her. Nothing less would persuade me to disturb what little rest she can get.  The most likely locations would be in old Lordaeron, or in what is now the Plaguelands. Perhaps you should take with you a Horde friend to help you in your inquiries.

    I am not at Farstrider Lodge, but am in the process of taking a residence elsewhere. Until I finish moving, you can send your letters to me care of Rose Deepchasm, at Deepchasm's Tavern in Ironforge. Do be careful, and be sure to check in with me or Miss Rosie when you are next in town. She has notice to provide you and your men with the utmost comfort, at my expense.

Meadhbh inean Dhommnail

Miss Meadhbh,

    We have located your mother in the vicinity of Darrowshire.  She is resting under a tree near the ruins of the cottage that was once your home.  We thought it best to wait until you arrived before we disturbed her.  We will meet you at Light's Hope Chapel within a fortnight, I hope.  The men will certainly be happy to see you again.  It does an old dwarf's heart good to help in such a situation.